Captains and Tillers Roles & Responsibilities

If you're a team captain, coach or tiller, we'd like to catch you up on a few things...

Notice to Team Captains Provisional Waivers

Please use the provisional membership waiver form to track new members until they join DragonSports. Provisional members are entitled to three free practices before they must join DragonSports. Direct new paddlers to the MEMBERSHIP page to complete the Provisional Waiver... before they paddle with your team!
NOTE: The Provisional Waiver is now combined into one form with the DragonSports Membership Application. Ask new paddlers to select either the "Provisional" or "Member" option on the form.  
Membership/Provisional Waiver Application Form

Captain / Coach Responsibilities

Maintain Current Rosters
DragonSports will occasionally want to send messages to all paddlers. It is the responsibility of each team to maintain their own current rosters.
Waivers and Membership
Ensure that all paddlers have signed either the provisional waiver or have become members of DragonSports.
Please review and adhere to the DragonSports safety rules and guidelines. 
Please pay in a timely manner
DragonSports is a nonprofit that gets most of our income from boat rental. Please pay as soon as possible each quarter.
Notify us if there are issues/problems
Please contact us immediately if you discover any issues or problems with the boats, the dock, or equipment.

Tiller Responsibilities

Safety First
Your primary job is the safety of your team
Please review the safety guidelines and stay up-to-date with marine board and boating rules.
Know the River
Sandbars, low areas, and snags
Our river is becoming increasingly hazardous. The recent fires and heavy rains have left many large snags just below the surface, particularly in the Holgate Channel. 
Wise Decisions
Whether to go out is ultimately your call
Is the river running too fast for the number and quality of paddlers? Can you see debris in the river? What if it's too cold for you, the tiller? Chose safety over obsession. 
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