Outrigger Canoe Practices

Information about OC Practices and Pay for Practices

Outrigger Practices

DragonSports USA maintains two six-person outrigger canoes in the marina by Riverplace. All team paddlers, callers and tillers must be DSUSA members and have signed a waiver. Steers people MUST be certified by DragonSports. If your team would like to reserve practice time on one of our canoes, please email the DSUSA Scheduler to schedule your practice. 

Pay Your Rental Fees

OC Practice Payment

Practice Fees

$25 per practice

Per Practice Cost: $25.00

Team Rental Terms

  • At least one individual from each Team shall be designated as the Team Contact for purposes of renting dragon boats and equipment from DSUSA.
  • Team boat rental fees will be invoiced by the DSUSA Treasurer quarterly.
  • Teams may use DSUSA canoes and equipment only during practice times confirmed by the DSUSA Scheduler.
  • ​Damage to canoes or equipment must be reported to the DSUSA Board immediately or ASAP after the end of practice during which the damage occurred. The first $100.00 of any repair costs for damage beyond normal wear and tear will be shared among Teams involved.
  • Teams must provide their own lights for paddling between sunset and sunrise.
  • At the end of each practice, canoes must be safely stored on the OC dock and wiped clean of any debris or dirt.
  • All Team members must be members of DragonSports USA. Any Team member not yet registered may do so online.  Periodic membership audits may be conducted. Any person found to not be a DSUSA member will have the option of becoming a member or must cease using DSUSA dragon boats and equipment.
  • All Team members must be knowledgeable about and adhere to the DragonSports USA Boat Safety Rules & Guidelines at all times.
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